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Welcome to, a website meant to help cancer patients and their families in their fight against the disease through various means of collection of international information on the topic of: explanation, research, conventional and alternative treatments. Among its goals are fundraising to provide aid to patients’ families who require collection of donations and funds.

Use of and all the sections it incorporates (hereinafter, collectively – the “Website” or “”) is subject to the Terms of Use set forth hereinafter.

The User of the Website must read said terms carefully before using the Website, as use of the Website attests to agreement with said terms. The Terms of Use are phrased in masculine tense purely for purposes of convenience and refer, of course, to women as well.

If you do not agree with all or part of the Terms of Use, you may not make use of the Website for any purpose whatsoever, including surfing on the Website or purchase of products or services offered on the Website.

About the Website

The Website of the non-profit organization Supportive Family (NPO) provides information on various topics connected directly and indirectly to the fight against cancer, in order to serve as a supportive family for patients and their relatives, inter alia, by providing information and aid with lifesaving fundraising campaigns.  


The management of the Website may update the Terms of Use of the Website from time to time and pursuant to its sole discretion. The Website may not be used for any illegal or immoral purposes.  

Registration on the Website is for the personal and exclusive use of the User who may not transfer the authorization for use to any third party whatsoever.

No information which is false, defaming, threatening, violates privacy, is of a sexual, racist, illegal or immoral nature may be published or transferred by means of the Website.

The management of the Website may immediately block, suspend or terminate the access of the User to the Website if he breaches the Terms of Use and/or impairs the activity of the Website in any manner whatsoever.

The User of the Website confirms that he has sole liability for the correctness of the information he publishes and/or transfers by means of the Website. The management of the Website does not accept any liability for content published and/or transferred between the users.

May it be made clear that the Website may not be used in any commercial manner by means of advertising and/or sales promotion, in either a direct or indirect manner.

The management of the Website intends to take action for the Website and its services to be available at all times. However, the Website is unable to guarantee constant availability of the content on the Website without faults and without going down. Additionally, the management of the Website may stop use of the Website from time to time for purposes of its maintenance and/or its reorganization. No financial compensation and/or credit whatsoever will be given due to faults and/or breaks in the service as aforementioned.    

•The information contained on the Website

The information which appears on the Website is intended to provide general information and is not medical or psychological advice, a professional opinion or a replacement for consultation with an expert in any field.

The content we have compiled relates to a tremendous number of cases, sometimes expresses differing medical opinions, on different dates, and sometimes only expresses the opinion of the writer or financer of the study. We are unable to determine the level of credibility of the information, its reliability, completeness or precision. In light of the foregone, the NPO, its team of employees, researchers and editors will not have any liability with regard to the content of the information which appears on the Website, including in the “Questions and Answers” section, or regarding the degree of its correctness and precision, or regarding imprecisions or omissions in translation of the content from one language to another.     

•Lack of liability

The information and services in the Website can be used As Is. They may not be adapted for the purposes of each and every person. The User will not have any claim, action or demand toward the NPO. for the information and services offered on or by means of the Website, the degree of their precision, reliability, completeness, how up-to-date they are or the frequency of their publication.

The N.P.O. is not liable for problems, for loss or for any damage of any type whatsoever which could be caused due to use of the Website or reliance on the information published on the Website. The use and reliance upon the information on the Website will be done will the sole and full liability of the User.

The management of the Website is not liable for the content of the advertisements on the Website, “banners” or for any informative, advertising or other material on the Website. Liability for all the aforementioned is incumbent upon the users and/or those who write on the Website, and upon them alone.

May it be made clear, that there is no significance to the order of the service providers and/or advertisers as they appear on the Website, and the order the aforementioned appear does not constitute a recommendation for any thereof by the management of the Website.    

•Cancellation policy of donations and privacy of the donors

The “Supportive Family” NPO enables you to donate money through this Website in favor of the patients and their families in an easy, convenient and quick manner – donations can be made by credit card, bank transfer or by telephone.

When a donation is made by credit card, the card will be checked with the credit card company and the User will receive an answer regarding approval or rejection of the donation. The payment page is secured at the highest level by Tranzila at the PCI DSS-1 standard.

Donation cancellation policy: A donor may contact the NPO. with a request to change the details of the charge and to cancel a future donation which has yet to be transferred (such as a standing order for a future charge). The NPO will make the requested change pursuant to the policy of the credit card company at that time. In the event the credit card company charges the NPO. a fee for cancellation of the action, the one carrying out the action will be charged the aforementioned fee.   


We believe it to be crucial to share information in order to advance studies, to receive information, to be updated or to take action to advance cancer treatment. Therefore, we undertake that we do not sell, trade or transfer by any means whatsoever information which enables you to be personally identified to external entities (except for the credit card company in order to execute the instruction to transfer the donation).

Information which does not enable personal identification could be given to external entities for purposes of marketing, advertising, direct mail and other uses.

A donor of a donation up to a sum of 20,000 NIS, received within a fund raising compagin, coming through the NGO, will be eligible for the right to keep his anonymity and the NGO will be obliged to keep his details confidential. This is true with exception of the following : the donor written request beforehand to expose his identity or in case any state authority would demand the NGO to do so.

•Links on the Website

On you will find links and references to websites and other information on the internet. Said websites and the information which appears therein is not published by the NPO and the latter does not control or supervise them. Additionally, said links and references do not attest that the NPO has checked said websites and/or found them to be complete, precise, secure or up to date.

The NPO does not guarantee that all the links on the Website will be functional and will lead to active websites. The NPO. may remove links previously found on it from the Website, or refrain from adding new links – all at its sole and absolute discretion. The existence of links to other websites does not constitute a guarantee for the content of said websites regarding their reliability, completeness or any other aspect.

The NPO will not bear any liability of any type whatsoever for the information and websites to which the Website links, including the completeness, reliability, precision or degree of being up-to-date of any such website and information. Anyone who relies on websites and information linked from the Website, does so solely at its own responsibility.  


The intellectual property rights, including the copyrights which exist in the content appearing on the Website, including in studies, illustrations, photographs etc., is owned by the NPO or owned by third parties that gave their agreement to upload content to the NPO website. Therefore, no use may be made of the content of the Website, including to copy, edit, translate, circulate, display publicly etc. all or part of the contents without advanced written agreement of the NPO or the holders of rights to the information.

• Amendment of the Terms of Use

The N.P.O. may amend, from time to time, the terms of use of the Website, with no need for advanced notice and with no need to receive the consent of the users for such and at its exclusive discretion. It will be possible to review the up-to-date Terms of Use at any time by clicking on the suitable link which appears on the Website.  

•Law and jurisdiction

Use of the Website and its Terms of Use will be governed solely and exclusively by Israel law. The exclusive jurisdiction for all intents and purposes which stems from the aforementioned Terms of Use is granted solely to the competent court in the Tel Aviv district, subject to the right of the NPO to initiate legal proceedings in courts in which the User’s address and/or place of work and/or assets or part thereof are found.

You hereby confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Use set forth in these regulations, declare your agreement to use the Website subject to same, as if not, you are forbidden to us the Website at all.