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A Social Network for Cancer Recovery


The Supportive Family Foundation was established out of a desire to preserve the health of Israel’s citizens and their loved ones. The manner in which the foundation has chosen to operate is designed to ensure that together, no stone anywhere in the world is left unturned in the search of treatments and cures for cancer, which may save and/or improve the lives of oncology patients.

The Foundation’s Activities

An oncology -focused social network to improve and save lives:

  • Circumvents medical privilege and allows patients to find other patients with the same type of cancer
  • Invites the public to share life-saving knowledge, making good use of the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ and thus saving valuable time and preventing unnecessary suffering on the road to recovery

Fundraising for cancer patients

  • The foundation raises funds for patients who cannot afford treatments, whether because their insurance coverage is lacking and/ or the medications are not part of the Health Benefits “Basket” provided by the Israeli government
  • The foundation wishes to help all those who meet the legal criteria to receive support from the public at large through crowd funding

Researching oncologists- approved treatments from around the world and making this information accessible to patients

  • Conventional treatments which were proven to be effective
  • Integrative treatments performed by doctors
  • Possible drug trials for patients to join
  • Successful trials awaiting authorities’ approval of the drug/treatment

Representing cancer patients in the Knesset

The foundation strives to speak on the behalf of and represent those patients who cannot do so on their own, regarding various subjects.

  Esti-Lee Paz, the foundation’s CEO and founder, has lost her mother and brother to cancer. She is motivated by a strong desire to improve the array of oncology treatments available to patients today and thus make life easier for them and their families.

  The Supportive Family foundation strives to make up-to-date information available to the public in a variety of languages, and in the name of the public’s right to know and the right to equality.


The foundation’s vision – a library of information on cancer diseases, approved by doctors and enriched by the experience of the patients.


The foundation’s values – the right to live, the right to equal access to information, the love of your fellow man.

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  • רענן ברגר שחור לבן 1
    Dr. Raanan Berger
    Director of the Institute of Oncology at the Sheba Medical Center,
  • IMG_20181216_101246_521
    Dr. Eytan Ben Ami
    Senior Oncologist
  • Robert A Figlin photo
    Dr. Robert Figlin
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    Dr. Miguel Angel Espinoza
    physician surgeon & naturopathist
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    Dr. Marcelino Morales Rivera

Staff 0


  • לי פז1
    Esti Lee Paz
  • קול ל. קולטון
    Kul L Kolton
    Project Management & Partnerships
  • חן רוזנברג
    Chen Rosenberg
    Research & Content Manager
  • לביא
    Rivka Lavi
    Advertisers & Collaborations
  • 20170908_102527
    Amir Hizkiya
    Software Development
  • Eldad Holender
    Technology Advisor
  • תמונה אלי
    Eli Freitag
    Graphic Designer
  • תמונה של אלה
    Alla Voloch
    Accounting Department

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  • לי פז1
    Esti Lee Paz
  • אלמוג קניאס
    אלמוג קניאס
  • נטע וויליס להב
    נטע וויליס להב
  • וויליס להב
    ניקול וויליס להב
  • פז
    עדי פז
  • ללוש
    אורלה ללוש
  • גורשניק
    נעה גורשניק

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